Friday, August 24, 2012

Scaling the Mountain

These Photos show the trip to the top of the Mountain above Hualcayan it took 2 hrs 30 mins to get up there and 40 mins to get down. It was amazing thank you Kevin and Bene' for joining me on such an amazing experience FWM

Days 43-44Thursday August 16th and Friday August 1th

The bus ride from Huaraz to Lima was nice , watched Water for Elephants in Spanish. We were not allowed into the Airport due to the fact that we were 5 hrs early for our flight or so. You can only go in 3 hours prior so our group sat outside , chatted and played cards. The flight to Florida was nice and I slept most of the way there. Upon arriving in Florida , Spirit Airlines messed up royal and we were stuck in customs for over an hour and a half and missed our connecting flights, they owned up and I was given a flight on American Airlines that left 3 hrs later than my original flight but in the process i made a few new friends who also were flying from Lima to Chicago. Short flight to Chicago but seemed to take forever , and finally I was reunited with my girls !!!! I am glad to be home. I hope you enjoyed this blog there will be one other supplemental entry for the trip to the top of the mountain which was a special even that I did with Kevin, Scruffy and Benedicte. Thank you All for reading , Francesco W. Mancini

Day 42 Wednseday August 15th

Last Day before I leave, Went shopping and breakfast at the California cafe (first real coffee in 6 weeks) Then to el Horno for the best pizza and Parillas in Peru. Chilled at the Hostel then went to have a last drink with Kevin and Joe they leave tonight and I''m really sad about that they are like my brothers. Early to bed have to travel all day tomorrow. 7 hr bus ride then to Ft Lauderdale ad then home. I will miss Peru but im ready for home. Its amazing to say that I am now a full fledged Archaeologist! On to the next adventure... see you state side!

Day 41 Tuesday August 14th

Today We work up early and bussed to Chavin De Huantar the center of Peruvian religion in antiquity and a fantastic experience. This evening we went to Chili Heaven for some of the best food I've had in Peru. Then went next door and hung out a Lucho's for a night cap with the guys who are leaving tomorrow on the midnight bus to Lima :( Said goodbye to everyone tonight which was very sad, Thursday we head to Lima but not before breakfast and some shopping before we leave. Long day of travel coming up so I'm heading to bed. FWM

Day 40 Monday August 13th

Toady is a travel day to Huraz, short stop in Caraz to say farewell. It was sad leaving the house , but what am amazing feeling to be back to city life. Its a vast difference between , Lima, Caraz, Hualcayan and Huaraz. Tonight Aplaca Burgers at Creperie Patrick and then to 13 Buhos lounge for some Cocoa Beer made by Luccho and to celebrate my birthday ! I love Huaraz such a great lively place. Sad to say goodbye to Amy, Rachel, Tamara and Braden, but We will hang out state side ! FWM

Day 39 Sunday August 12th

Today is the last Day in Hualcayan saying goodbye to everyone in the village and prepping the Pachamanca, and getting things in order. Waiting for Kevin and Kai to return , the whole place smells amazing with all the food cooking... Kevin and Kai showed up to the Pachamanca at the last minuet much to our relief. The food is amazing pork, chicken wrapped in bananna leaves , yams, potatoes, lima beans , chiccha beer, soda, beer beer, followed by Huyano music , dancing, and a beer pinata to christen the house. I have been stuffing myself all night , and in the boys room we are setting up a film since we have power we are watching Sean of the Dead. and then a candle light conversation. Its so odd to be leaving this place we've called home. But its time to return to the USA and tell everyone of our story... good night Hualcayan , stars and milky way... FWM

Day 38 Saturday August 8th

Work on the site is done, and Kelli is making lunch and it smells amazing, Had breakfast with Dr. Tom Dillijay and had some very nice conversation i;ll be sad to see him go today.Tonight i will help Andy cook dinner fried Rice I think. Kevin and Kai are heading up to the Glacial lake after the presentations I wish them the best of luck its a hard trek to the top. It's kind of weird just sitting around, there has always been some work to be done and now its over. Working on prep for the Pachamanca tomorrow and then on to Huaraz on Monday. tick . tick .tick. Fire tonight as well and there is a Rumor that Shayla has some Sugar cane Moonshine ? Presentations went unbelievable well and now im off to cook dinner... FM

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